Shapes Workbox

shapes workboxThis week I want to clarify that I try to keep all the activities that my daughter is to do during her “preschool” time need to fit in one box! I found a great carry-all craft box like this one (affiliate link) that has a few compartments. It works really well, and I need it to be self-contained since I usually have my arms full of other things for the class that I teach!

My daughter has shown an interest in shapes recently, so I decided to put together a few shape activities for the adults who watch Strawberry to do with her. Here’s what her workbox includes this week.

  1. Two books about shapes.
  2. Lacing hearts
  3. Two shapes activities from a Life Over C’s product. One is a matching game, and the other is a coloring booklet.
  4. Popsicle stick shapes with Velcro dots to connect them.
  5. Binoculars for a “shape hunt,” along with some shaped stickers and crayons for decorating.
  6. (Not pictured) Shape pattern tiles and templates from various source, found via Real Life at Home. (Sorry…somehow I forgot a picture of these!)
  7. (Not pictured) A small dollar-store peg board game shaped like a square with a triangle of pegs. Strawberry likes to play with this and I figured it was loosely related to shapes, so why not?!
  8. (Not pictured) Strawberry’s shapes cube puzzle. She’s shown an interest in this lately. I always thought of it as a toy for much younger kids, but she likes the satisfaction of doing the puzzle, and she likes to correct herself and be silly when she does it wrong on purpose.

And that is it! I hope she has fun today in her toddler school while I teach my reading and writing class.

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