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Word Family Picture Sort (Flowers)


Sort the short vowel pictures on each flower into the correct short vowel word family flower pot.

Sort the pictures on each flower into the correct word family flower pot. The flower pots include 5 different word families for the short a, short e, and short i pictures, and four word family flower pots for the short o and short u word families. There are 9-15 flowers (pictures to sort) for each of the short vowel sounds.

Here are the words that are included in this flower-themed short vowel word family sort:
Short A (5 pots and 15 image flowers)
-at family pot: bat, bat, hat, mat, cat
-ag family pot: bag, flag, tag
-an family pot: can, fan, pan
-ap family pot: map, cap
-am family pot: ham, jam

Short E (5 pots, 10 image flowers)
-ed family pot: bed, sled
-et family pot: vet, wet, net
-en family pot: hen, ten, pen
-em family pot: gem
-eb family pot: web

Short I (5 pots, 9 image flowers)
-ig family pot: wig, pig
-ix family pot: six, mix
-ip family pot: lip
-in family pot: pin, fin, win
-id family pot: lid

Short O (4 pots, 10 image flowers)
-ot family pot: hot, pot
-op family pot: cop, mop, top
-og family pot: frog, dog, log
-ox family pot: fox, box

Short U (4 pots, 10 image flowers)
-ub family pot: sub, tub, cub
-un family pot: sun, bun
-ut family pot: hut, nut
-ug family pot: mug, bug, jug

Perfect for spring, this product can be used as a file folder center or a hands-on activity. To make it 3D and hands-on, attach the flowers to popsicle sticks or clothes pins and use mini-flower pots for each of the word flowers.

See the blog post to see the game in action!

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