The Meaning Behind My Logo

In the past, I talked about why I’ve decided to call this blog “Line upon line.” Today, I want to explain the logo that you can see at the top of this blog.

As I mentioned before, before I began homeschooling, I blogged for many years at Rebecca Reads. That has been my personal space for discussing the books I’ve read — and I sure do love to read! My logo at that blog has used red as a main line in everything since the beginning. Red is my favorite color. I designed a logo that represented an open book.

rebecca-reads-logo transparent

When I decided on this blog, I was not sure what to do, but I knew I wanted to correlate to my other blog. For me, homeschooling my kids feels a natural extension of my love of reading. Reading and learning go hand in hand.

As I thought about what homeschooling means, I decided to emphasize that it is no longer the independent activity that reading is for me personally. Rather, it is a family matter, a parenting matter. It is a group journey towards learning. Hence the book now has three faces peering over the pages. The three circles are different — different sizes, different perspectives. Each person comes to a text in a different way. Sometimes I’ll be the one getting the most, sometimes my son, and someday my daughters. The circles are my three kids, or me reading with some kids.

I also like how the faces are round. Raising well-rounded children is a goal in homeschooling and teaching in general. Besides, there is something ironic about teaching well-rounded children in lines…and I do teach line upon line, precept upon precept, one day at a time to get to that well-rounded result.

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