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One of the go to activities my daughter has enjoyed lately is beads and pipe cleaners. Everywhere we go, I try to remember to bring out bead box! She and other children her age enjoy putting the beads on pipe cleaner to make “bracelets” and “necklaces.” I also found a simple strainer for her to put the pipe cleaners through.

These activities are not just fun: Strawberry is learning! As she manipulates the small beads, she practices fine motor skills. As she puts them on the pipe cleaners she notices the patterns and colors and calls them out. She has not yet begun to make patterns with the colors, but her awareness is certainly the first step. Figuring out how to put the pipe cleaners through the strainer is likewise a fine motor and problem solving challenge that gets her thinking.

This is has been a fantastic and fun busy box activity for her. It’s simple to carry with us, and it keeps the younger kids busy while the older ones are in class!

Please visit my co-hosts at Chestnut Grove Academy and Tots and Me as well! What is in your workbox this week?

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