Second Grade Science with Sonlight: A Review


My daughter literally shouted for joy when she found out we'd be watching the Discover & Do videos with Sonlight's literature-based science program. She loved the videos from Mr Luke that went along with K science, which we did two years ago. So, we were so grateful to have a chance to return to Sonlight for science this year, for second grade. Read on to see my thoughts on Sonlight Science B, a comprehensive literature-based homeschool science curriculum for ages 6-8. 

Note: I received the product for review consideration and was compensated for my time preparing this review. All opinions are my own.

An Overview of Sonlight Science B

Sonlight’s program provides all that we need for a fantastic year of science, and they provide just about everything you need at the tip of your fingers!

  • A week-by-week instructor's guide
  • Student questions pages clearly marked with the book and page numbers to reference to find answers
  • A full answer key for the student pages
  • A thick (and lovely) science experiments book
  • Online videos of Mr Luke doing the science experiments (my daughter couldn’t wait to watch the videos and she watched them all in one week)
  • A supply kit with most of the not-already-in-the-kitchen needed supplies for all of the experiments

Opening the box is so exciting because you can pour through the materials and browse through the supply box with anticipation for all the great lessons in your future!

Highlights of Sonlight Science B

The main part of Sonlight is literature-based learning, so we begin each lesson with reading from a picture book. I’ll admit that reading the text and answering the worksheet questions was not my daughter’s favorite part of the science program. But it gave that essential foundation for understanding the science that we further explored in labs! Plus, there are some really fun books in the kit, including Magic School Bus and a lift-the-flap book Usborne book.

My daughter’s main highlight is the collection of science lab videos online. She was so excited to hear that we would be watching Mr. Luke again that she asked to watch the videos and actually got through them all in the first week we had access to them!

My favorite part Sonlight Science B is Discover & Do. This includes the meaty experiments book, the videos (as mentioned) and the ready-to-go supply kit. It made actually doing the labs so easy. I’ve struggled to finish science labs in the past because I have to round up all the supplies beforehand, and my planning is not always far enough in advance to get to the store if need be! With the supply kit, I didn’t even have to worry about that as we went through the lessons. It was all right there.

The instructor's guide is so helpful. It gives a ready-to-go schedule to read and answer each day of the week and follows up with the lab each final day. I used the four-day schedule (there is also a five-day option) because we do not do science every day of the week. We are in co-op for two days a week so our labs also did not align with Friday. My daughter didn’t notice the difference, of course.

In addition, I also went a tiny bit out of order based on what worked best for our family. Some people will love the day-by-day script; others will, like us, enjoy the flexibility to work with the abundance of learning material and instruction to best meet our day-to-day needs.

Where to Buy Sonlight Science B

Sonlight makes planning for next year easy. You can get next year’s science curriculum at this year’s prices by purchasing the kit directly from Sonlight before March 28, 2024.

You have so many option for purchasing Science B! Sonlight sells the entire set together. That includes the videos, lab book, lesson books and worksheets, instructor's guide, and ready-to-go lab kit. Whew!

Or, you can rely on the library for the books, buy just the books you need, and/or go to the store for the lab materials. Then you could just buy the instructor's guide, worksheets, and lab sheets and book. I’d highly suggest adding those lab videos too because they help you see just how the labs are done, and they are lots of fun to watch. Mr Luke captures humor well for a second grader. And, as I said, the kit is fantastic to have!


The bottom line is that Sonlight Science B may be just right for your science for next year. Take a look to see for yourself.

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