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Spanish Valentine’s Day Mini-Lesson and Game


Review the vocabulary for loved family and friends and review basic SER conjugations as students practice giving loved ones compliments and phrases of love.

This mini-lesson is perfect for reviewing the vocabulary for loved family and friends, reviewing basic SER conjugations students practice giving loved ones compliments and phrases of love! It has valentine’s hearts and a matching game for practicing what they’ve learned.

This mini-lesson was created for a mixed-grade homeschool co-op enrichment class to celebrate Valentine’s Day and help the kids create their own valentines.

This contains the following pages:

  • A vocabulary sheet with names of family members, a few ways of saying “I love you,” a few compliments, and a SER conjugation chart.
  • 13 filled-in conversation hearts with Valentine’s Day phrases, like “besos” and “abrazos” etc. (See Sample)
  • 13 blank conversation hearts
  • 11 hearts with English names for loved ones and 11 with the corresponding Spanish to print and glue together and play a game.
  • A page with one idea for a game using the 11 hearts. Or use the matching hearts for a game of your own creation!

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