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El rojo es mejor Spanish Picture Book Lesson


Practice subject/verb agreement in Spanish with these practice pages, flashcards, and ideas based on a picture book (in Spanish).

This packet is a picture book lesson for the book El rojo es mejor by Kathy Stinson (Annick Press, 2014). This lesson plan and game includes the following pages:

  • Flashcards of each of the eight red items that Kelly loves, with real photos. These flashcards are provided twice, once with English and once with Spanish.
  • Charts to sort the flashcards into categories based on how “red” would be translated (rojo, roja, rojos, rojas)
  • A worksheet to practice the eight vocabulary words
  • A worksheet to practice determining proper adjective gender based on the same eight red items
  • A full-color worksheet to practice determining proper adjective gender for other colors and other clothing vocabulary
  • A writing prompt (in both Spanish and English)
  • A page to write down additional Spanish vocabulary words found in the book
  • A graph to take a poll as to favorite colors among classmates, family, and friends

A copy of the book is not included. Many of the activities can be completed without it.

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