American Trivia Review Game


Review basic American history, famous people, government and civics, geography, and landmarks with this fun trivia game.

This American Trivia Game is a team game to review basic American history, famous people, government and civics, geography, and landmarks.

Basic trivia questions (about 30 in three categories are provided, plus blank cards in each category for you to add your own) are drawn from the US citizenship exam review pages and general geography facts.

In addition to basic questions, the game features 6-9 ALL PLAY questions in each category for the whole group to race against each other. ALL PLAY questions have three different creative bents: Pictionary® -like sketching (PICTURE IT!), charade-like acting (ACTION!), and sculpting in clay (CLAYMATION!). This Cranium™-like game makes reviewing basic American history and geography lots of fun.

The first team to reach the map of the United States and get one card in each category wins the game.

Brain Puzzler is a perfect way to finish out a year of American history, reviewing important concepts as you have fun doing so. It would work in a school or co-op setting. As long as you have enough people for two teams, you are good to go.

This game was created and used in a slightly different form for a mixed-grade homeschool co-op group, aged kindergarten to fifth grade. Everyone especially enjoyed the Claymation! questions.

Feel free to adapt it to meet your own educational needs. This game is not to be used or repackaged for commercial purposes.

It may be used for one teacher’s use only. If you wish to share it with a friend, please purchase an additional license.

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