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Kindergarten Math with Goldilocks


Practice various kindergarten math concepts with Goldilocks-themed mathematics review.

Practice various kindergarten math concepts with Goldilocks-themed mathematics review Although the included worksheets do not directly relate to the picture book stories you have read, the familiar characters may make Kindergarten math practice a little more fun.

All activities are included in color and black and white. Here’s what is included!

Counting from 1 to 10

  • Fill-in-the-blank counting cards (3 pages) as well as identical clip cards (3 pages)
  • Counting beds: Match the ten frame to the correct numeral (1 page)
  • Color by Number: Count the circles in the ten frames. Color each portion of the image with the correct color. (1 page)


  • Compare two boxes and circle the box with the greater number of items (or use these cards in a center or game) (2 pages)
  • Circle the numeral that represents the greatest number. (1 page)
  • Compare the size of an item on the left and circle the item on the right that is the same size. (2 pages)

Finish the Patterns

  • Cut and paste the correct image at the end of each line to finish the patterns. Consider using the color pages as a file folder or center game. (2 pages)

Adding up to 10

  • Circle items to match the number of items Mama Bear needs. For example, she needs 5 bowls, four are circled, so we must circle one more. (1 page)
  • Addition word problems: draw the number of items the person needs and write how many more were needed on the line. (1 page)
  • Addition equation worksheets or clip cards with Goldilocks. Students can circle the correct sum or clip a clothespin over the correct sum for each problem. (4 pages)
  • Addition Color-by-Number (color by sum). Color the picture according to the guide after students have added the indicated numbers.

Missing and Scrambled Numbers

  • Fill in the missing numbers in the hundreds chart. (2 pages, ten numbers missing on each page)
  • Write the numeral missing from each sequence. (1 page)
  • Scrambled Puzzle: Unscramble the numbers from 1 to 10. This is included twice, once in 1 to 10 order and once already in a scrambled order. (2 pages)

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