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Spanish Infinitives Get-to-Know-You BINGO ¿Que te gusta Hacer?


Help students get talking as they play “Get-to-Know-You” BINGO in Spanish as they move about the classroom. Or, play BINGO as a class to practice infinitives vocabulary.

Use these 25 unique Spanish BINGO cards with 25 ¿que te gusta hacer? vocabulary words.
In the Spanish class, you can use this to practice comprehension. Call out an English word and the students must translate it.

Alternatively, you could use these BINGO boards as a fun get-to-know you activity. They must circulate throughout the room asking, “¿Que te gusta hacer?” The other students can answer with one of the infinitives on the BINGO card and mark it off with their name. Thus, the students are speaking to each other but also learning what the other people in the class like to do.

My goal is have the students practice speaking and understanding Spanish. These BINGO cards are a fun way to do so.


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