Childhood of Famous Americans Helen Keller


Seven pages of comprehension questions (2-3 per chapter) and 12 vocabulary words for a favorite series of historical fiction biography! This book study packet correlates to the chapter book Helen Keller by Katharine E. Wilkie. The book tells some stories from the childhood of Helen Keller, a child who became deaf and blind yet accomplished much in her lifetime. A copy of the book is NOT provided.

  • Comprehension. 2-3 questions for each chapter. Some of them are short answer; others are multiple choice. (5 1/2 pages total)
  • Your Turn. A writing prompt for students to think about Helen Keller’s abilities and Miss Sullivan’s success in teaching her. (1/2 page)
  • Vocabulary (1 page)
  • ANSWER SHEET included! (7 pages)

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