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Spanish -ER and -IR Verb Conjugation Practice


Practice conjugating -ER and -IR verbs in Spanish with pages that get progressively harder.

Beginning Spanish -ER and -IR verb conjugation practice has four pages of worksheets for each of the verb endings (8 worksheets total). It begins with a subject box to remind students of the subjects in Spanish, as well as a conjugation box of the -er/-ir verb. (Vosotros is not included)

Sentences are in both English and Spanish and each subsequent page gets more difficult. Verbs included are Comprender / Abrir (full conjugation chart filled in), Leer / Vivir (Spanish conjugation chart not filled in, but English is), Comer / Escribir (chart is blank, ready for students to fill in) and Beber / Recibir (no chart provided). By the Beber / Recibir pages, the student is encouraged to write his or her own sentence.

Answer keys for the sentences are included.

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