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Gain the Confidence You Need to 
Start Homeschooling 

Let go of your worries because the "I could never"s about homeschooling are only myths!

"I could never homeschool!"

I felt this way for years. I even laughed at the thought of homeschooling. It was the most outrageous idea that I, with my fear of math, lack of patience, and my redheaded temper, could possibly teach my children all the time.  

It is so painful to see our own inabilities as parents. Every time we get angry at our children, it hurts us too. They come to us with a barrage of questions, and we cannot always answer them. They want, and we don't always feel we have what they need.

Then, once we have been surrounded by the questions and the upset children and the other frustrations of parenthood, the idea of trying to teach them school subjects just seems outrageous. Who could possibly want to add more to the parenting situation?

Homeschooling is hard. It requires a parent to take the role of teacher. It often requires curricula. It requires time. It requires something that many people don't have.


Introducing the YES, You CAN Homeschool Course

This video course busts the myths that patience, time, money, knowledge, and an endless supply of calm are required to school your child at home. Really, only one thing is required: confidence. The mini-course comes with a downloadable fillable pdf workbook and nearly an hour of video in ten myth-busting lessons.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

After you sign up, you can get access to a pdf fillable workbook to help you follow the videos for all ten myths. Each myth has it's own dedicated lesson, with a short video and links to resources where you can go for even more information.

Brainstorming-Focused Workbook

The pdf fillable workbook helps you break down the issues often associated with homeschooling, and allows you to brainstorm ways to rise above the issues yourself.

Easily Accessible Format

Each myth lesson has a brief 3-6 minute video to summarize a common homeschooling issue and then to the issue as a myth. With just 10 myths, this means you can watch all the videos in under an hour. Then, check out the complete list of additional links for more information.

Lifetime Access

Purchasing this course now allows you to have lifetime access to the videos and workbook. If you wish, you can watch a little at a time and ponder on how each "myth" has impacted your own situation. Or, you can revisit it if you doubt yourself.

Confidence in Yourself

After watching the videos and visiting the links to resources where you can go for even more information, your worries will be cleared away. By the end, you will see just how you can homeschool. Homeschooling is not about "superpowers" that no one has. I help you build your confidence in your abilities to teach with love.  

The "I Could Never"s are just Myths

There are so many reasons people give for why they CANNOT homeschool. See why these are just myths in the Yes, I Can Homeschool course.

Homeschooling Myths Debunked!

Each myth gets it's own 3-5 minute video, plus links to a dozen more places for information.


Myth 1: I Could Never Homeschool because I Need "Me Time"

Have you heard this before? The truth is, we all need "me time." Whether we get our energy from others or from being alone, everyone needs time to recuperate. How do your children recharge?


Myth 2: I Could Never Homeschool because I Don't Know Enough about __________________.

Well, it's true, right? If I don't know much about high school math, I don't know it! The bottom line is that homeschooling is not about each subject. It's about learning how to learn.


Myth 3: I Could Never Homeschool because I Don't Have Enough Patience.

I hear this all the time. It was my number one reason. I laughed at the idea of homeschooling. Trust me, patience is not required to begin!


Myth 4: I Could Never Homeschool because It's Too Expensive

Everything costs money, so this does too, right? Well, not completely. It really depends on what you decide to do.


Myth 5: I Could Never Homeschool because I Don't Have Time

No time to homeschool can be a real issue, especially those that must work. See the tips on how even working parents can choose to homeschool!


Myth 6: I Could Never Homeschool because I Don't Want to Stay at Home

Staying home can get pretty boring. The good news is that homeschoolers often don't want to stay home either!


Myth 7: I Could Never Homeschool because We Need Socialization

It's so hard to socialize in this year's unique environment. Homeschool parents, however, can encourage the right kinds of socialization, and there are great ways to socialize in smaller groups.


Myth 8: I Could Never Homeschool because I Might Teach Wrong

So many worries may arise about being "wrong." See why this does not really need to be your worry.


Myth 9: I Could Never Homeschool because My Little Kids Will Get in the Way

It's true that little children can get in the way and make things difficult. The good news is there are great ways to solve this problem while homeschooling.


Myth 10: I Could Never Homeschool because I Just Couldn't

I can completely understand the situation when our brains just say "No way!" to a situation. It's amazing how resilient we can become.

About the Teacher,
Rebecca Reid

Rebecca Reid is a homeschooling mother of three, “Raisin” born in 2007, “Strawberry” born in 2012, and “Kitty” born in 2015. She has a BA in English and teaching experience as a writing tutor and also as an elementary-level teacher at local homeschool co-ops, where she has taught language arts, Spanish, history, and STEM. 

Since 2013, she has been creating games and hands-on activities for Line upon Line Learning, especially activities with an emphasis on great books. She feels homeschooling is the most difficult thing she's ever done, as well as the most rewarding. 

Don't Let Myths Hold You Hostage

When you consider homeschooling, do the myths stop you in your tracks? With access to this course, you can see how to rearrange your worries into the truth. You can gain the confidence you need to decide to homeschool.

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This is a course about building confidence. Being the teacher in charge of your child's education may feel overwhelming. But if you are debating about homeschooling and basing your decisions on myths, then you need to discover the truth. This course is for you.

The great news is that I stand by my course with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you purchase the course and are not satisfied, I'll give you your money back within 30 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the course?

Once you purchase the course, you will have access to the downloadable workbook in your account. Then, you can visit the course page to view all the lessons!

Is this course for me?

Are you considering homeschooling your child or children? I don't mean keeping them home with an online teacher. I mean homeschooling them with yourself as the teacher? What worries hold you back? If this sounds like you, then this course is definitely for you! In this course, I "debunk" ten different worries. I hope to convince you to give homeschooling a try by the end of this course. 

Will this course show me how to homeschool?

This course is to help those who are uncertain about homeschooling see the ways they can be successful by letting go of their worries. While I do provide links as to how to implement some aspects of homeschooling, this course is about the general rather than the specifics of getting started. My free blog post series, Get Started Homeschooling, can help those who have already decided to homeschool!

What if I don't like the course?

While I hope to provide a course that you will enjoy, I understand somethings don't always work out. If you are unhappy with your purchase, I will refund your money within 30 days. Before you decide to purchase, check out the course page! The first 4 lessons (including the first myth) are available for free.

One last thing

This course isn't going to tell you that homeschooling is easy. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. But, I hope that this course will help you gain confidence in your own abilities to do difficult things. Consider it a "beginning of the year" pep talk. By the end, I hope that you'll have decided to join the ranks of homeschoolers.

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