I don’t really have a week in review for you today. I feel like if I don’t have anything nice to say I should not say anything at all. It was not a bad week, but I’ve been frustrated by Raisin’s lack of focus this week. We’re trying a few new things to make our day go smoother. Maybe I’ll have more positive things to share next week in the wrap up.

I do have a new product to share with you, however.

abc word journal

I read a book with my son a few months ago about a girl who likes words and wrote her favorite words in a journal. I thought it would be fun for my son to have his own word journal!

Students could use the word journal for writing down favorite words as the girl in the book did, and it also would work well for tracking tricky spelling words. This is pretty basic, but it will definitely meet the needs of your new readers who want to track new favorite words!

My Word Journal has primary-grade lines on pages for each letter of the alphabet with an image beginning with that letter and a grayscale cover. Print double-sided, fold the pages and staple together. I created it for my son and his needs and I did not want color. You may find it useful in your classroom too.

You can purchase both the Word Journal (half-page size) and the World Journal (full-page size) for a nominal fee at my stores. See the links below.

Shop | TPT | TN
Shop | TPT | TN

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