Week in Review: Sad but We’ve Been Learning

This started off with a bit of a sad note as I mentioned in Monday’s post, so I let homeschool go a bit more than I normally would. We played, we read, and we did not have formal learning on Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week has been good in general.

The last few weeks I’ve been pretty lax at documenting what we have been learning.  Here are some of the things we’ve been learning in the past few weeks.

five for friday-body

In Raisin’s science class at co-op, he is learning about the human body. One of the mom’s purchased patterns for a life-sized body, so Raisin has enjoyed coloring the organs and gluing them on his outline! You can get this book from Teacher Created Resources (also available as an ebook download) for $7.99. It was definitely worth it: the kids learned a lot about the human body and enjoyed seeing it come together! (There was a pattern for the face, but Raisin said he liked it better without a face,)

Note: I am not an affiliate for Teacher Created Resources, but I was very impressed by this book!

five for friday-clue

Raisin wanted to play the real  Clue game, instead of  Clue Junior, so we did the other day. We decided to play with Strawberry too, who loves to be a part of things. (She just showed us cards as she felt like it and took extra turns rolling the die.) It was a fun test of the logic required for the process of elimination. I’ve been pondering ways to learn more about logic, although I think that means I need to learn something too!

five for friday-furniture house

I have still been playing with my laminator. Strawberry is in love with naming furniture, so I started putting together a fun game for her. I’m making it in to a product to share, so consider this a sneak peak!

five for friday-reading

I always thought it was silly that people questioned a mother’s ability to homeschool her own children. (“Do you have a teaching degree?”) But since I have entered the world of TeachersPayTeachers, I have found there is a whole language of education with which I am unfamiliar. For instance: close reading and cloze reading. I could discern what the first was, but what is with the “z” in the other?

At any rate, to avoid feeling ignorant, I have found myself surrounded by a good number of books about education, reading, and literacy in general. I want to know these things. After all, I  kind of fell in to the homeschooling thing. My son taught himself how to read. I would love to help him learn to read more carefully.

The book I have in the image above (Notice and Note) is the one I’m currently working through. I am finding a number of ideas I’d like to incorporate in to my homeschooling lessons . . . if only I could get my son to stop reading for fun and come read for school.

Totally kidding. Kind of.

five for friday-pi

I had not planned on doing anything for Pi Day. I am definitely not a math person. Friday’s BrainPop Featured Movie, however, was all about Pi. Raisin was trying to tell me about it later, but he could not remember. I got out a paper and traced a circle, I found some string and we cut out, and I showed him all I knew.

He did not believe me. He made me watch the video again.

So, I’m not sure how much he really understood of the concept, but at least I had fun reviewing what I had not remembered!

How did you “celebrate” Pi Day?

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