Only in Chicagoland can these kinds of extremes happen in five days.

The snow last Friday put me in a seriously bad mood. But this week has been plenty hot and humid! Enjoyable at times, but that too has put me in a nasty mood. I feel like I go from cheerful to crabby a lot. I’m realizing I need to refocus on LOVE and ENJOYMENT of being home with my kids. I do love them. I do enjoy being with them. Why do I get so annoyed?

I still have more school to finish up. We are on Writing with Ease Level 1, week 25. There are 36 weeks or so. We are on chapter 36 for Story of the World. There are more than 40. We have about 20 more pages in the Miquon Math book we have been working on. I hate having those thing hanging over us.

Some days I want to just stop for the summer and say, “whatever.” Other days I’m certain we will keep going until we finish. I am thinking next week will be a “what have we learned” review week. And then we’re going to take it easy and what happens, happens.

Are you stopping schooling for the summer? What do you do when you have not “finished” your curricula?

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