A Child’s Thoughts on the Resurrection (Easter Week)

My son's thoughts on the resurrection of Jesus Christ helped me consider just what I believe. Can I have the faith of a child?We’re not doing much for Easter in terms of secular tradition this year. I haven’t dyed any eggs. I bought candy and we’ve already been eating it. It’s more of a spiritual year in terms of Easter for me. But we’ve obviously been talking a lot about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and what that means for us. In addition to Easter, a family friend passed away in March.

The other day, we were getting ready to go in the car, and I paused while Raisin put on his seat belt.

“Why do I have to wear a seat belt?” he asked.

I explained that we loved him dearly and we did not want him to die.

“But it would be okay, right?” he asked. “If I died? Because of the Resurrection? We’ll all see each other again. So it would be okay.”

I was taken aback by the question but it taught me. First, he does not really understand what death is (how painful to lose someone we dearly love, to be separated for life from them, to have to continue without them).

But also, his comment reminded me about what it all truly means. It’s easy to say “we’ll all be resurrected.” It’s another thing to truly understand what it means that we will all be together again, in body and spirit.

Easter morning means that the pain of separation from loved ones is temporary.

What a gorgeous thing! All #becauseofHim!

We have had a great two weeks. It’s been at least that long since I’ve done a week in review.

I’ve eased up on Raisin. I’ve given him and myself less pressure to get things done. As a result, we sleep late, eat late, do less school, play more, and feel happier. Despite that, I know he is learning a lot.

I am certain that my son is still learning a lot, as his favorite independent activity is reading. Runner-up favorite activities include exploring maps, singing church songs by himself in his room, and playing imaginary games. What could be better about being six years old than those things?

As for Strawberry, she tells me she loves everything. “I love books!” “I love lip gloss!” “I love Mommy!” “I love pencils!” “I love doggies!” It is hard to be in a bad mood around a child so perfectly content with things. Don’t get me wrong, she has her moments. In general, though, she is an happy ball of energy zipping in and out of the rooms and moments of my life. I treasure each cuddle because I know her energy won’t allow for many these days.

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