Week in Review: Distracted

This week has been full of distractions! I can’t say we got much school done, but it was a great week for learning, so I am not too worried. I keep telling myself that Raisin is already ahead for his age, so why rush through thing just to say we did?

That said, I need to refocus on planning my week a little bit more. It might be a little less difficult in the midst of the week if it was planned to begin with!

We started the week with a surprise trip up to northern Wisconsin. My husband is the type of person who asks you in the morning what you have planned for the weekend and then says, “Why don’t we go to Wisconsin instead?” So you do. We got caught in snow on the way home, but it was a good experience being all together for a few days. My husband has been working a lot. Also, ,I personally had never seen northern Wisconsin, and I have spent almost my whole life in the Chicago suburbs! Beautiful. I have always thought of Illinois as a beautiful home. Wisconsin is so much more beautiful. I loved it!

Then today is a big day. Strawberry is two years old! I spent lots of time this week trying to get extra cuddles from her! I cannot believe that it has been two years already. I cannot imagine life without Strawberry’s energy to keep me on my toes. (Oh yes, I do remember, somewhat. I think I actually read books back then…)

Third, I’ve been participating in the Build Your Blog in 100 Days challenge, which is to comment on at least 10 blogs every day. It takes up so much time to do so! I have really enjoyed reading about other’s homeschooling journeys, but it does take time!

Fourth, I’ve been busy finalizing the design of my brand-new webpage and updating my products at TeachersPayTeachers, TeachersNotebook and my own new store! I am so excited to see how far I’ve come in the past year, and I have so many ideas for home educators to implement.

So all of these personal things have gotten in the way of homeschooling. Nevermind that, though: Raisin’s own desires have encouraged me to let him go at it himself.

The other day Raisin began giving Strawberry school. First, he began with singing a primary song together (for devotional). Then, they listened to a classical song (music appreciation). He read Me on the Map to her and helped her find the USA and Illinois on the globe and maps. Then he helped her “color” on his tablet app for “handwriting practice.” Strawberry was not a quiet, sit-at-a-desk student, but that did not matter, because Raisin did not expect that of her. They sat together with a pillow and blanket in his closet (a small walk-in) with the door closed, and I heard happy noises coming from there for more than an hour.

How can I stop a six-year-old child from teaching his sister to make him come do my own plan?

I couldn’t. I had to let him keep at it. It was adorable.

Later, he mentioned that when she is in kindergarten, he will be happy to give her real school then too! He cannot wait.

To be honest, I cannot wait either. What a delight it is to see my children play together, learn together, and enjoy it. They don’t have to stop so Raisin and go sit in a classroom. Sure, Raisin has his moments of genuine annoyance when Strawberry messes up something of his. But in general, there are more happy noises of loving friendship than the screams.

I adore this stage of motherhood, but I know that if we keep at it, it will just keep getting better.

What a blessing to be a stay-at-home homeschooling mother!

How do your older children help your younger children learn?

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