Week in Review: Valentine’s Day

ValentineLast year, I was a pretty new blogger and Valentine’s Day week was very stressful to me because we did not get school “done.” I feel like laughing at my reaction last year.

I am a lot more laid back this year.

This year, Raisin decorated Valentines on the computer again and we went to our Valentine’s Day bowling party. It was not that stressful, and our week was rather laid back, although I did bring out the math worksheets again to get something more formal done for school. Today we will do a little bit of school, and then we will have play dates. (Raisin always says he does not want to play with Strawberry’s baby friends, but he loves it all the same!)

And that is pretty much it. Our week was a good one. There was a lot of fun had by all, and plenty of chaos.

As for me, I’ve developed some new goals. Because, you  know, my New Year’s Resolutions just aren’t enough. (Insert laugh.) From reading educator’s blogs, I’ve decided to learn more about the theories of education. I’ll keep you posted on what I’ve learned. Right now I’ve recently reviewed the homeschool book The Well-Trained Mind and now I’m reading about some John Holt philosophies. I plan on learning more about literacy development and child development in general too.

Freebie time!

I have not posted a freebie for a while. Here is something I created last year. It is four literacy-related pages (plus answers are included) that tie in to President’s day. For school teachers, I realize it is a bit too late to use this in class if you have a holiday Monday. For homeschoolers who, like me, realized late that it is President’s Day next week, maybe this will come in handy on Monday or Tuesday!

Click on the cover or the screen shot below to download this FREEBIE.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and enjoy your weekend!

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