ValentineLast year, I was a pretty new blogger and Valentine’s Day week was very stressful to me because we did not get school “done.” I feel like laughing at my reaction last year.

I am a lot more laid back this year.

This year, Raisin decorated Valentines on the computer again and we went to our Valentine’s Day bowling party. It was not that stressful, and our week was rather laid back, although I did bring out the math worksheets again to get something more formal done for school. Today we will do a little bit of school, and then we will have play dates. (Raisin always says he does not want to play with Strawberry’s baby friends, but he loves it all the same!)

And that is pretty much it. Our week was a good one. There was a lot of fun had by all, and plenty of chaos.

As for me, I’ve developed some new goals. Because, you  know, my New Year’s Resolutions just aren’t enough. (Insert laugh.) From reading educator’s blogs, I’ve decided to learn more about the theories of education. I’ll keep you posted on what I’ve learned. Right now I’ve recently reviewed the homeschool book The Well-Trained Mind and now I’m reading about some John Holt philosophies. I plan on learning more about literacy development and child development in general too.

Freebie time!

I have not posted a freebie for a while. Here is something I created last year. It is four literacy-related pages (plus answers are included) that tie in to President’s day. For school teachers, I realize it is a bit too late to use this in class if you have a holiday Monday. For homeschoolers who, like me, realized late that it is President’s Day next week, maybe this will come in handy on Monday or Tuesday!

Click on the cover or the screen shot below to download this FREEBIE.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I’m not a homeschooling mom but I work as a teacher and reading your post reminded me that kids learn all the time. Even if there are no formal worksheets, we’re always teaching our children something.

    1. Mommy Battles, I admire you for working as a teacher! I struggle with lesson plans etc and I only have one student! I cannot imagine a whole room of students. Way to go. 🙂

  2. This is a great reminder that whatever we’re doing with our kids, whether it’s a planned and well executed learning activity or a fun day celebrating Valentine’s Day it’s a learning experience for all involved and can be appreciated.
    I have a M.Ed. in early childhood education and so decided to forgo preschool and do it myself for my now 18 month old, and even with years of experience in the classroom and a wide knowledge base I often question what I am doing, until I remember they are always learning, so as long as the environment is a stimulating one and they are engaged in either free platy or an activity it is a good day.

    1. Olivia, I do think as homeschoolers and mothers we are harder on ourselves than we need to be. I’m sure you are doing wonderfully with your daughter! You can do it!

  3. Stopping by from the BYB challenge and am really enjoying it! I’ve got to visit so many interesting blogs. I love that so many are homeschooling. I think if I was able to do it all over again I would also take that approach. It’s hard to believe that not so long ago homeschooling here in Canada was illegal! I’m so happy things have changed as there are so many benefits to home schooling and I think if you are able to do so you should.

  4. I love the idea of a Valentine bowling party! We had to cancel our traditional valentine party thanks to the snow the south got slammed with last week. We’re making it up tomorrow though. Nothing like a week of crazy messed up homeschooling followed by another week of crazy messed up homeschooling. As you explore more info on the different theories of education, Leigh Bortins just recently released an excellent book on Classical Homeschooling called The Core I highly recommend to anyone interested in Classical.
    I look forward to getting to know you better!

    1. Tina, the snow does seem to mess of the regular calendar this year, doesn’t it? Thanks for the book suggestion; I will look in to it!

  5. OH, I really like your blog! I’m considering homeschool for our family this coming fall, and I really like your honest approach. So many bloggers try to make it sound like their family is perfect, and that’s just not encouraging or believable. The way you tell it is a way that I will enjoy reading and learning from!

    1. April, our family still has much to learn about homeschooling, but it is so worth it for us! Best of luck as you decide what you will be doing!

  6. Thanks for the freebie. I don’t know if the grandkids did anything last week for President’s day but this will be fun for them when they come over today. I think they’ll enjoy it, especially if I am doing it with them. I follow TPT so now I’ll be watching for you. Thanks for participating in the Boost Challenge.

    I Create Purty Thangs

  7. I never realized how many homeschoolers there are I am really proud of all of you for taking that step. If I had children I would definitely follow in your footsteps the ideas, events and lessons I see are all so creative and intriguing. Keep up the great work! Visiting from BYB

  8. I love this blog challenge because I get to meet such great homeschooling families. I am loving your commitment to learn. I think life is about learning. I progression is dependent upon it – whether you are seeking further learning in the gospel, or in your career, or for your kids, or in life. When you stop learning (or refuse) you begin dying.

    It’s so very important, and provides an excellent example for your kids. They should know never to stop learning and growing.

    Thanks so much for this post, and thank you for participating in the blog challenge with us.

  9. I’ve recently just started working on letter recognition with my toddler. I’ve also decided to try to learn about literacy/writing/etc. There’s so much out there – it’s a bit overwhelming, and I have to say, I don’t really know where to start researching! I’d love to read what you learn!

    1. Yuliya, What a great question! I have some ideas I’ll have to share. I agree, there is so much to learn. I hope we can all learn and share together. That’s the great thing about blogs.

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