Week in Review: Time Flies

I cannot believe that yet another week has passed! I feel like I just wrote last week’s week in review post. Yet, here I am again.

I feel like so much is squeezed in to my days, and yet the days fly by. Raisin’s mood swings are incredible. Happy one minute; in tears the next because something is “too hard.” It’s definitely a new stage of life for him. We also are getting ready for a break. Definitely almost time for a break.

On the other hand, Strawberry is full of energy and runs circles around me. Literally.

This week, my son just about finished his Singapore Primary Math 1B book. He loves math, and asks to do extra each day.

We’ve been studying the Botany book I mentioned last week, and already he enjoys the experiments we have done from it.

Line upon Line Learning | homeschool.rebeccareid.com
Raisin was super excited to practice sewing on buttons after his family consumer science class this week.

At co-op, my son’s family consumer class learned how to sort laundry, start laundry, fold it (they made a contraption that folds), and then sew on a button. He came home from class very excited. “When are you doing laundry, Mom? Can I start it for you?” Later, I sent him away for “free time.” I asked what he was going to do. He said, he was going to go upstairs and practice sewing on a button. I am impressed the other moms made it so much fun he’s doing sewing and laundry in his free time! At six years old!

If only it would last.

Line upon Line Learning | homeschool.rebeccareid.com
This is a short but delightful collection of Thanksgiving poems. It gave us some ideas for writing prompts.

For my class at co-op, I was super excited to share a wonderful collection of children’s poetry by Jack Prelutsky: It’s Thanksgiving! We had fun laughing over some of the silliness. Then I gave them two prompts to choose between: one relating back to “If Turkeys Thought” and the other “I Ate Too Much.” The older kids wrote more detailed responses; the younger kids finished the sentence and drew a picture. I loved their responses:

If I were a turkey, before Thanksgiving Day I would…. run away to the ocean and then get eaten by a shark! [accompanied by a picture of a very bloody turkey in the ocean and a happy shark]

If I were a turkey, before Thanksgiving Day I would go to England because they do not celebrate Thanksgiving there. [a picture of a smiling turkey on a plane next to Big Ben]

On Thanksgiving, I am going to eat too much turkey! I love turkey! [a picture of a girl at a table and lots of other people around her saying “I want some! Share!”]

On Thanksgiving, I am going to each so much ice cream that I explode! [a picture of a boy and a huge ice cream cone]

In my free time, I have been busy lately updating the look of my facebook page and this blog. I have more to do, and I’ve been enjoying it. If you’ve been reading in a blog reader, click over to see the new banner, featuring art by the talented Julie Phillips.

Finally, this week I discovered Animoto. I wondered how easy it was to use. So I created my own video, a short clip to remind you to not stress the fact that you don’t know what you are doing all the time: neither do your kids. Homeschooling is a journey, so enjoy it. Not every day will be perfect. I hope you enjoy the video too!

I linked up with Weekly Wrap-up at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers!

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