Week in Review: Quiet

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I asked Raisin to define our week with one word and he chose “Quiet.” It was a quiet week.

Local schools were out Monday and Tuesday due to extreme cold weather. We huddled down and stayed home. Strawberry and I were overcoming our nasty colds from last week. A friend called and asked if, since her daughter was not in school, she could steal Raisin to come play to break up the monotony. (They were going to go to the library, but the library too was closed.) A different day, a friend came here to play. The boys snuck to the basement and laughed and plotted together for two hours.

We did start school again, but I’ve taken it easy. I have not required much each day, and I’ve let the morning devotional time take much longer than normal. It just seems like the right thing to do. Raisin is on a roll of doing kitchen clean up duty. (Dad gave him a lesson in cleaning up the kitchen, so now he is the professional, telling me how to do it.) Raisin has been staying up late reading, but also sleeping in late each morning. Co-op class was laid back but fun.

I know I need to emphasize more writing, more math practice (apparently, Raisin has forgotten subtraction), and more science and history. But, really, I’ve enjoyed the slow pace of this week. When I remember that my son is already ahead of his age (after all, he is only 6), I realize that every week could be more laid back like this! School does not need to be high pressure: this is why I choose to homeschool.

In short, quiet describes the week perfectly. I hope the coming weeks likewise have a quiet feel to them!

How would you describe your week? Did you start back to school?

I linked up with Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers for Weekly Wrap up!


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