I had intended to school this week. My family gets in at my parents this weekend, we still had co-op, and did we really need another week? We’re going to take two weeks already?

It turns out we did need another week, a pre-Christmas week to get things in order.

  • We made Gingerbread cookies.
  • We took Gingerbread cookies to co-op, decorated them, and ate them. Then we wrote the directions down so we could practice putting details in order.
  • We had a party at co-op.
  • We made a Christmas book for one Grandparent set and are working on additional ones for the others and Daddy.
  • We bought wrapping paper and Mom started wrapping presents.
  • I slept in this morning because I could not sleep last night for thinking of so many things going on this week.
  • Tonight is my son’s Christmas pageant at church. He is an angel singing in the choir.
  • Tomorrow is the first of at least 4 drives to my ┬ámother’s house (more than an hour away) for the coming week. All of my siblings will be in town, so it should be chaotic and fun.

I’ll be pretty quiet in the next week or two as I enjoy time with family. I probably will not be on facebook much either. I hope your holidays are blessed and full of joy!

What are you doing this holiday season?

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