My parents are currently serving a religious mission in Nicaragua. They will be gone for two years, and it’s only been five months! We miss them very much but thankfully we have modern technology (SKYPE!) to make the distance seem much shorter.

Our co-op does a culture day every few weeks. When they did Nicaragua, we knew it was time to take our own virtual trip there to get to know where Gramma and Grampa are!

We pretended to take a vacation for a virtual trip to Nicaragua.

My friend, a fellow TeachersPayTeachers teacher-author, the Beach Teacher, shared one of her products with me, and I decided to adapt it to use for our virtual trip to Nicaragua. Check out our video to see what we learned by using the Travel and Learning Journal.

I want to note that this would be perfect for a real vacation. If only we ever went anywhere. As it was, we did not use all the pages, but we greatly enjoyed making our own virtual vacation a little more real with the fun questions we posed to Gramma and Grampa.

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Where would you like to go on a virtual vacation? 

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