Upset Plans + A Friday Freebie

I disappeared for a week. I am almost tempted to just let everything go — my reading blog that’s kept up now for more than four years, this new blog that is just starting out. But I really do like reflecting through a blog, and I am serious about this. But things just happen sometimes.

We have been part of a wonderful co-op this past school year, and something came to my attention last Friday that leads me to believe we will not be joining with the co-op next year. Maybe some day I’ll give more detail than that, but that is it for now.

I know that I am overreacting, but I feel like all my plans are falling apart for next year because, without that co-op most Fridays, what will we have to break the monotony of staying home? What will we have to keep all of us social? I am naturally an introvert. I needed the forced socialization of the co-op, the opportunity to serve and chat with other homeschool families.

I am on the hunt for something new, but I suspect I will need to pull  new group together myself, which I really don’t want to do. Will we get through this? Will I still homeschool? Yes, of course, but my plans are a bit upset and I’m frustrated at the thought of starting over. We’ll make it!

On the other hand, our family is driving across the country this next week. In preparation for 20+ hours each direction, I’ve been creating a road trip games packet. I’m really enjoying the process, too, of finding great products from TPT to help me give my son fun “car school” while we are on the road. More about that next week!

For now, enjoy this freebie I’ve made! My son specifically requested “dot-to-dot games” so I started a set of them about the states we’ll drive through. I just made three of these skip counting pages, one for count by ones, one for count by 2s and one for count by 5s.

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