Toddler Busy Bag {Workbox Wednesday}

toddler busy bag frogs

I was out of town during the family holiday, so as I’ve been trying to get back in to the school mood during this week, I did not have time to plan a themed busy bag this week. It’s amazing, though, to find such a variety of activities for Strawberry to enjoy regardless of theme. I made a bag of miscellaneous fun for her! Here’s what I included.

1. Frog manipulatives. This was by far her favorite activity. She played with this for the majority of the time. Here are some the great activities she could do with them.

  • Sort by color.
  • Sort by size.
  • String them in a pattern.
  • Imaginative play with the frog “families.”
  • Hide them around the room and rush to get them again.
toddler busy bag

2. Pete the Cat book and shoe color sort. I made this shoe color sort a long time ago, and she still loves it. (Note: I changed the shoe sort from a “Pink the Cat” to a “Shelley” character to make it more universal.)

3. Jars of play-doh, shapes board books, a deck of alphabet cards, a puzzle, and a box of crayons. Not shown. Sometimes the most simple options are still the favorites.

What are you go-to busy bag activities for a toddler?

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