Three Things My Three-Year-Old Teaches Me

Three Things My 3-Year-Old Teaches MeMy little Strawberry-girl turned three two months ago, and the fact that it has taken me so long to get this post written is a testament to how crazy life is with her around. The truth be told, I would not have it any other way. Strawberry keeps me on my toes but she makes each moment of the day a delight. Here are three simple things my three-year-old teaches me about life.

1. It’s not about the toys; It’s about the people.

Strawberry loves toys, it’s true. But when she has toys in front of her, they become characters with dialog, personalities, and needs. Even her spoon and fork start up a dialog, need a nap, or have to use the toilet. Give her an empty box, and she will create a world of people to love and play with. Strawberry obviously is a highly imaginative child, but I’m all the most delighted because I see her love for people on a daily basis too. She’s not necessarily sensitive and considerate, as my my son was. She is a normal toddler/preschooler. She will snatch toys back and push kids out of her way.

But on the other hand, in the good moments, she is all about giving extra hugs, extra kisses, and extra smiles. Life is about the people around her. She loves to love most of all.

2. Life is Sunshine.

Strawberry has her crabby moments. But in general, she is the color yellow. Finding joy in the ridiculous. Finding a reason to smile even when she’s sick. (“I go to the doctor now!”) Strawberry brings sunlight in to my life. Although I struggle with depression, Strawberry’s boundless energy (literally….circles around the room all day!) will bring smiles to my face as I watch the light emanating from her. On the darkest days, I try to bask in her joy for life. It keeps me going.

She radiate God’s Light as the true Child of God she is. I hope to absorb the warmth of her soul and help her keep that warmth even as life becomes more challenge and (dare I say it?) difficult in her older years.

3. Mommies are Forever.

No matter what I do and say, I’ll always be Strawberry’s Mommy. She loves me unconditionally. No matter what she does and says, I’ll always be her mommy, and I’ll always love her. We have our days. Some days I get very tired of chasing her. But in her innocence, she still embraces me and cherishes me. I hug her in the morning and she kisses my arm. No one can take my place.

There may be a day when she screams at me in anger and says things she may not (truly) mean. Maybe. I hope not, but I know I was not a nice teenager to my mother. Now I know, however, how much I truly love my mom, and she loves me.

I hope that when the hard teenager days come, I’ll remember all the same these cuddly moments when my crazy three-year-old angel stops and begs for an extra cuddle.


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