Never Say Never: 8 Things I Said I Would Never Do

8thingsneverdoBefore I had kids, I was one of those people who had a list of things I would never do. Some of these were more important than others, but all of them really turn out to not matter that much.

Of course, now that I have two kids, I find these things I said I would never do quite amusing.

  1. I would never …. blog. “[My sister] has taken to writing a blog online every couple days…. I think it’s the kind of thing that will fizzle out and die eventually,” I wrote in early 2007. I started my own blog about six months later and have been blogging since then on five or six different blogs.
  2. I would never … complain when I was pregnant. I was so excited to have babies that I was determined I’d never complain about the discomfort once I was finally blessed with a pregnancy. Well, I guess this goes to show that you should never say never because I was a whiner with my second pregnancy! I was not any less excited but, let’s face it, it is not comfortable to grow a baby.
  3. I would never … not wear makeup when I went out. I remember in the early days of my marriage, I was having lunch with a friend who was a mother to three kids and who was not wearing any makeup. I distinctly remember the thought that I would never leave the house without at least putting on some mascara. Ha! How priorities change through the years. What’s makeup?
  4. I would never … wear pajamas all day long. Same situation as with the marriage. Surely, I would never “stoop” to wearing jammies all day! LOL.
  5. I would never … get tired of reading picture books aloud to the kids. How could one tire of spending time reading with adorable children?! Alas, I’ve been knowing to fall asleep mid-book before. “Mom? Are you still awake? Mom?”
  6. I would never … not make time to read my own books. I was a compulsive reader before my second child was born. I knew I’d always make reading my books a priority in my life. Now that my second is here, I embrace the moments I have with them far more than I ever did when I read compulsively. I still read, but I’m much more balanced with enjoying my little oens.
  7. I would never … say “potty.” I hate that word. I still do. But before my children were toilet training age, I was determined to avoid the “potty” word. Because it just sounds so crass. It has become a solid part of my vocabulary at this point.
  8. I would never … homeschool. When my husband mentioned it in our early days of marriage, I discounted the idea. I would never do that, I was sure. Well, here I am, two years after we jumped in with both feet!

The moral of the story is that I have changed and adapted. I did not know how I would be in the future. Looking back on the more younger, more naive me, I realize that my judgement of others and situations were completely unfair. We don’t know what other people are doing and how things are going for them. We don’t know what we will do in a similar situation.

Never say “Never.” You don’t know what you will be asked to do next.

What silly things did you say you would never do? How have your plans been changed?

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Credit: Tatlin

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