Raisin and I began school yesterday. We’ve been doing a little all summer, but yesterday was our first official day of first grade! Here are some of the highlights of our first day of school.

Although we don't wait for a school bus, here are some of the highlights of our homeschool's first day of school (first grade). We're making memories and building traditions each year!

1. Raisin was excited to get started.

2. He wanted to sit and read along during our morning devotional.

3. I get to count our current read aloud as “school time.” (We’re reading The Phoenix and the Carpet by E. Nesbitt.)

4. Raisin wanted me to keep reading Story of the World after I read the first part.

5. We took a “play break” for Raisin to play with Strawberry before her nap.

6. He was so eager to do his Spanish work on the computer that he begged for time to go on the computer — and he did sentence building for almost an hour!

7. Raisin could do his math work with me, one on one.

8. Raisin did his copywork without a word of complaint and quickly.

9. For physical education, we walked (Raisin rode a tricycle) to the cafe for ice cream. It was a long walk since Raisin insisted on the tricycle and not his bicycle (which he thinks is harder).

10. For a celebration we enjoyed sundaes together and I got a picture of my two kids sitting on the cow in the cafe.

I don’t post pictures of my kids on this site, but trust me when I say it was mostly a happy day! There were a few whines and today has been much more whiny, but I think it will be a good year overall!

When is your first day of school? What will you do to make it special?

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