Put History in Order with a Digital Timeline with tiki-toki.com

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Here’s a website we use for making history timelines: Tiki-toki.com.

We love adding whatever dates we want to it, from 11000 BC if we wish! We can also link to webpages and add lots of details to the story page to refresh our memories. We can link to pictures and videos that are hosted online, to make it attractive, and we can change the timeline background or theme to make it fit our preference. We also select different categories. Since we are learning world history, we’ve separated Europe from America’s history, for example.

We use the free version, and the free version does have some limitations. It allows for just one timeline, it has ads at the bottom of the screen, and we cannot upload our own pictures. There are also personal and teacher versions available, which have more features. A Bronze account is $7.50 a month, and a teacher account is $125 a year.

What to see it in action? Raisin and I put together a video to show you how it works!

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