Get Started Homeschooling: Add in Arts and Music

A fun side of homeschooling can be the introduction of arts and crafts and music into the homeschooling day. This can include art appreciation and music appreciation as well as learning to construct art and play music oneself. In addition to those options readily available in many communities to all children, some homeschooling curricula provide easy instruction to the fine art in the home.

Crafts are something fun that parents often provide for their children in younger years. However, parents (myself included!) find less time for fine arts as our children get older. What can you do to encourage the fine arts in your homeschool? Some of these (mostly) secular homeschool curricula ideas may help.

Here are some easy ways to bring art appreciation, music appreciation, and more into your homeschool.
How do you add fine arts into your homeschool?

Add Art to Your Homeschool

Learning to recognize and appreciate fine art is something to consider adding to homeschool to properly provide a well-rounded humanities education.

Some parents may want to include art appreciation as they learn about various cultures and history, thus making this an add-on to social studies. Others may want to make fine art appreciation a part of field trips, as families attend museums or art galleries.

Yet others may want to teach art skills in your homeschool but you, like me, lack artistic skills. Younger children often have an interest in arts and crafts, which provide good fine motor practice. Older kids should experience the chance for this type of creativity too.

Art Curricula and Resource List

It’s also been hard since we cannot attend our regular art classes in the community during the difficult COVID situation. This is where video or online-based art instruction comes in handy.

Here are some online- and video-based resources I’ve found for homeschoolers or anyone wanting to improve art skills and appreciation.

  • Atelier (ages 4-16). I reviewed the Atelier art program in depth a few months ago. I did a 6- to 10-year-old program, and there are altogether eight different levels of video-based art instruction, thus making this a great choice for a homeschooling family to investigate.
  • Artistic Pursuits (K through high school). This program teaches parents and students observation skills and art skills through textbooks at various levels up to high school. They also offer some elementary art classes online now as well!
  • Beyond the Stick Figure (2-adult). This program provides an independent study online subscription program for learning art concepts at home as well.
  • Masterpiece Society. Art lesson subscription services as well as artist studies.
  • You are an Artist Clubhouse. Art lessons subscription as well as fine art appreciation lessons.
  • Art History for Kids sets. Modern artists to learn.
  • Mark Live online art lessons.
  • Art History at Khan Academy. This free online class is video- and text-based.

Including Music in Your Homeschool

Likewise, appreciating music and learning about music can be a life-long pleasure. Appreciating music is something that can give a person a broader outlook on history and the world.

Furthermore, learning to play an instrument teaches discipline and patience. It’s not usually cheap or free and learning an instrument is very dififcult, so children (and parents) really have to want to do it! Thankfully, there are some less expensive options for those who want music in their homes.

Online Music Lessons

As with art classes, it was difficult that we could not attend our outside classes for music. By turning to some trusted online resources, we could continue our music education at home!

Here are some easy ways to bring art appreciation, music appreciation, and more into your homeschool.
Add fine arts to your homeschool for more creativity!

More in This Series

The fine arts may not seem as crucial to your homeschool as the three 3Rs: reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmatic. But incorporating art and music into your homeschool can be quite rewarding! Want some more tips on getting started homeschooling? Check out the rest of this series.

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