35+ Subjects To Explore With a Toddler

subject-for-a-toddlerI love making book lists.When my little ones began to gear up to preschool, I began thinking of ways to organizing our reading topically. It’s time to plan ahead a little bit. I am working on making a list of subjects to explore together. Now don’t get me wrong. I never forced my toddlers  into seat work yet. I never did much “formal” toddler school. Rather, the ideas below have been general ideas to get me started as I began planning for my little one’s formative years. The list of books is great for our co-op’s “Preschool Picture Book Storytime Hour” because it provides a unique focus for exploration in picture books, with maybe a small activity or two, but it works for the youngest in that class (toddlers!).

I already have a gazillion ideas on which books to add to these categories. (I’ve added links when I posted about a subject.)

In no particular order, here are my ideas.

  1. The moon
  2. Clouds and the water cycle
  3. Fairy tales
  4. Folktales
  5. Plants in general
  6. Flowers
  7. Trees
  8. Family (relationships)
  9. Growing up (learning things)
  10. Local community helpers
  11. Safety (fire, chemical, vehicles, etc.)
  12. Groceries and cooking (where does food come from?)
  13. Trains
  14. Cars and trucks
  15. Up in the air (airplanes, hot air balloons, birds)
  16. In the ocean
  17. Birthdays and babies
  18. Fall harvests (apples, pumpkins, corn, etc)
  19. Hibernating animals
  20. Snowflakes
  21. Dinosaurs
  22. Antarctica and penguins
  23. World cultures and continents (basic intro)
  24. Australia and kangaroos
  25. American symbols
  26. Farm animals
  27. Butterflies, bees, and other insects
  28. Money fun (buying and selling, ownership)
  29. Ocean animals
  30. Desert animals
  31. Rain Forests
  32. Ancient Egypt and Pyramids
  33. Pond life (ducks, frogs)
  34. Travel
  35. Earth science (rocks and volcanoes)
  36. Human body (senses, muscles, bones)
  37. Computers and electronics
  38. Shoes
  39. Colors
  40. Shapes

I can’t wait to get started on making these book and activity lists! When I’ve made a list for toddlers, I will come back here and update this list when I can.

What am I missing? I will add to this list. Which book lists would you be most interested in seeing first?

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