Spring Break or Not?

So many friends are on Spring break this week, both homeschoolers and not. We might make it a lighter week, but I plan on keeping on going with our routine. We’ll probably have devotional, music/piano practice, 1 page of math, and a few spelling words and call it a day. Maybe we’ll watch Liberty’s Kids some more tonight.

I’m so afraid that if we do not do our routine of learning, we’ll get out of the habit again. This happened around Thanksgiving. We pretty much lost the groove of school between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Which is okay, I suppose, as Raisin was busy making Christmas presents instead. However, I’d like to keep up the rhythm right now.

A few homeschooling mother mentioned to me that I should school year round while it lasts. In other words, as Raisin gets older, he will realize that other kids are not in school and resent it if I make him do school work. I don’t know about that, but I guess we’ll see. I try to make school fun enough that he doesn’t resent it at all! I believe he likes to learn.

The other good thing about schooling year round is that I did not need to worry quite so much when we stopped our formal schedule before Christmas. I knew that we’d make it up at some point. It’s not like Raisin is “behind” or anything. We just learn at his own pace.

I’d love to hear from you!

What do you do during Spring break as a parent? How do you still encourage learning without forcing the issue? Or do you let it all go because it’s break time? Or do you, like me, not intend to give a “Spring break”?

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