An Entertaining Spanish Language App for Kids

My daughter used to sometimes whine when I insist that she work on Spanish everyday, but the FabuLingua app, a Spanish language app, is some Spanish practice that she begs to do! With kid-friendly stories and multiple stages of learning, from listening to vocabulary to recording yourself speaking, the FabuLingua app is sure to capture the attention of your young Spanish learner too.

Note: I received the product for free and was compensated for my time in writing this post. My opinions are my own, and I was not required to post a positive review.

Spanish Language Learning

When it comes to learning Spanish at home, I think of a few important things I’d like my elementary school children to experience. First, I want them to hear a lot of the language. Second, I want them to not hesitate to try speaking the language. And third, I want my children to have fun with it. Sometimes we think of learning Spanish as something requiring lots of vocabulary drill and grammar. A more natural and fun approach is going to be more successful at teaching language to young people, and this is where FabuLingua steps in.

Repitition for Spanish Language Learning

First, the FabuLingua app lets kids hear vocabulary in context all the time. The first times they open a story, in the “Esuchar y Tocar” (listen and touch) level, the app plays both Spanish and English words. When an item in is clicked on, the vocabulary is repeated again. When kids understand a lot of the vocabulary alone, they can listen to the story again with only Spanish.

Such repetition helps reinforce vocabulary. The more kids hear a vocabulary word in context, the more likely they are to remember the word. The FabuLingua app does the same to tremendous effect for learning Spanish.

FabuLingua App has five different levels for each story, helping the language learner progress and see their progress!

Speaking Spanish

Second, FabuLingua encourages participants to to speak. After my daughter has listened to the new vocabulary and practiced it, she can then practice saying the words and hearing it in the story herself in the “Imitar y Grabar” (imitate and record) level!

“My voice sounds a little high and funny,” she said to me. But I was amazed that after all my encouraging to practice speaking the vocabulary, it was an app that recorded her voice for a story that actually got her to speak!

Fun Spanish Language Learning

Finally, the FabuLingua app provides plenty of fun context for learning Spanish. My daughter was excited to see new stories when she logged on recently, and wanted to listen to them immediately and see how many levels she could get through. Asking for more language learning? That’s definitely a success.

After she finishes a level, she gets a “sticker” to add to a sticker scene, and each new story has more levels, including a level just to review vocabulary with games. My 4-year-old daughter then begs for a turn evey time she sees big sister learning Spanish too!

Even a young chlid enjoys learning with this Spanish language app.
Even my four-year-old child loves having a turn on the FabuLingua app, practicing her Spanish vocabulary.

FabuLingua App for Kids

The FabuLingua app is available from both the Apple Store and Google Play. It is an excellent introduction to Spanish for parents looking for a nice way to ease into language learning.

For a limited time this spring 2020, FabuLingua is offering access for free.

In light of current events, and with many schools closed for the foreseeable future, we at FabuLingua have made the decision to make our app open and completely free to all users, while Covid-19 is an active situation. We have a statement here if you’d like to learn more.

Supplementing This Spanish Language App

In addition to using the Fabulingua app, consider some of these Spanish learning experiences and products previously reviewed on Line upon Line Learning.

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