Spanish Basics: Spanish Alphabet and Spanish Calendar Chart

My fifth grader and I are working on basic conversation in Spanish, while my kindergartner and I are at the other end of the learning spectrum: we’re focusing on basics like learning the alphabet, the days of the week, and other calendar words. Our alphabet wall cards and the calendar tracking page (and cards) help us learn basic Spanish vocabulary as we do our calendar time each day.

We use wall cards and a daily calendar tracking page to practice learning Spanish basics vocabulary/.

Learning the Spanish Alphabet

Learning the Spanish alphabet is important because each letter in Spanish makes the same sound. Unlike the complications of English phonics, Spanish phonics are a lot more straight forward in my opinion. Plus, it’s fun to sing the alphabet in a different language! My kindergartner loves that there are extra letters in the alphabet.

Our kindergarten homeschool room has the Spanish alphabet to help us with learning Spanish basics each day.
I’ve recently made my Alfabeto in Español Spanish Alphabet Wall Cards available in both blue and red! The cards are half-page sized. In my image, I’ve printed them flashcards size. to do this, in printer settings select “multiple pages per paper.” I did two pages per paper to get four cards per page!

I love this video for learning the Spanish alphabet as well!

Learning the Spanish Calendar

In addition to the alphabet cards, I also made up a days of the week page to track the calendar as we go about our weeks. This provides a page template with space to post the day of the week, the date of the week, and the month of the year.
Get the free Spanish daily calendar page to practice Spanish basics in your class or homeschool.

I also include the cards in Spanish to move onto the chart.hoy es spanish daily calendar freebie COVERHaving something like this is letting us get practice with the calendar vocabulary as well as the numbers up to 31. It’s a nice way to practice the basics of Spanish without formal lessons or memorization. It just becomes a part of our day!

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