Small Eraser Sort with Tweezers Fine Motor Activity

“You can’t erase pen!” my daughter said as I drew five small circles on the paper and poured the small erasers out on the table. What could we possibly be up to! She loved the mystery.

I made this activity into a tweezer fine motor activity. Strawberry was delighted to find her actual task was an eraser sort challenge: Could she sort the small erasers into the correct circle using only the alligator tweezers?My preschooler got good fine motor skills practice as she used tweezers to count and sort small erasers.

The small “Gator Graber” tweezers made it into a game for Strawberry. Could the items make in time before the alligator got them for good? What was each of the items thinking as it got picked up by the alligator? Strawberry loves giving anything and everything its own voice!

In general, the tweezers sort was a difficult activity for Strawberry. There are a lot of muscles required to use the tweezers and the erasers are small! She liked to move the larger/circle ones (the world, for example) the most I think because they were a little easier to move! Next time, we’ll use some larger items, like pom-poms for the tweezers. But she still enjoyed sorting!Using tweezers, my preschooler practiced sorting and counting small erasers.

After we moved a bunch of the erasers, we compared how many were in each circle on the paper. She liked counting them up. I challenged her to move more from each category. She played for as long as she wanted, which was maybe 10 minutes.

This was not an activity that required a long attention span. In fact, it’s purpose was to keep her busy quickly while I got other things set up and ready for the day! It was nice that she could find some imaginary play in the midst of practicing difficult fine motor skills, counting, and sorting. It gave me a few minutes of a break, and she enjoyed it all.

Want some more activities using tongs or tweezers for fine motor play? See the links below!

Practice fine motor skills with some of these amazing ideas using simple tools.


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