Skip Counting Fun: Resource Swap and Review

As a creator for TeachersPayTeachers, I was able to join with a group of other educators who sell on TPT and we swapped products! Today it is my pleasure to share with you some of the work of experienced tutor and fellow homeschooler Stefany Smith who sells in the store Tutoring Supplies by Design.

I had the chance to choose something from Stefany’s store. Since we’ve been dabbling in multiplication practice for the past few weeks, I was immediately drawn to those products. Stefany is a math tutor, so this was perfect!

My goal now is to help Raisin become comfortable with the concepts and reasons behind multiplication. Stefany’s page on Skip Counting Practice: 2-5 was just what we needed for understanding multiplication from a different perspective.

The skip counting pages Raisin was immediately drawn to were the “fun” pages, which included mazes and dot-to-dot. He liked how it was easy to skip count on the bottom and backs of the pages once he’d figured out skip counting patterns! The review pages also have a color-by-number (although Raisin has not finished this yet).

skip counting practice

The best part was when we got to the review pages. He found it rather easy to skip count since he’d been practicing it the other days. (I did some of the writing for him, as that is what trips him up sometimes.) As he filled out the 1-5 skip counting chart, he became quite excited!

“Look, Mom!” he exclaimed. “The columns skip count too!”

I was so delighted that he found the patterns. As we finished the chart, we talked about why it did so, and I know he understands the concepts behind multiplication a little better now.

In fact, he wanted to skip count by fours as we drove on an errand today! Hooray!

Stefany has gracious put all of her skip counting products on sale for 20% off in her TeachersPayTeachers store today! If this sounds like just what you are looking for, go check them out!

Stefany has also reviewed my Piano Notes Board game on her blog. She and her kids enjoyed playing it. Are you trying to teach piano to your youngsters? Check out her thoughts on the game, and take a look at it in my TeachersPayTeachers store! See that and another musical product in my TPT Store

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