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Simple Start Secrets to At-Home Preschool

What you’ll discover in this ecourse:

With five overview secrets, we'll delve into the concepts presented in this introduction. Work at your own pace to learn just what you need to know about homeschooling preschool!


Secret 1: informal learning is best

Your kids learn through play, household work, and even when you are running errands. This secret gives you ideas on how to maximize these times and help your children thrive! Plus, get a checklist for what 1980s kindergarten looked like so you get an idea for what developmentally appropriate milestones could be for your little one.


Secret 2: Reading is a key to future success

Get ideas on why you should read aloud, how to read aloud, and what to read aloud. You'll also get a tracking list for following the "1000 Books before Kindergarten" program. (I'll also throw in another tracking chart older kids if they want to join in a picture book reading program too).


Secret 3: Stock up for SPur-of-the-moment fun learning

What "should" you have in your home for a successful preschool? Get some ideas on what you could use, and remember that there is no SHOULD. These ideas will help you think ahead as you watch your child playing and as you prepare your home for school-at-home and for life in general. 


Secret 4: You child is unique

With this secret, you'll learn about the various learning styles there are, as well as the "multiple intelligences" that we all use and develop throughout our lives. This will prepare you to see the ways to best help your child develop into who he or she can become. 


Secret 5: Remember what it's about

In our last secret, we'll remember what's really important: loving the child and helping them love to learn. We'll also discuss quality time and quantity of time in order to help you get to a focus on what preschool at home will look like. 

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