Resource of the Week: Visual Link Spanish

visual link spanish reviewI am so excited! My son has begun to ask for Spanish study time. He actually speaks to me in Spanish every now and then, and even when he doesn’t speak to me, he can understand what I say. This is success!

I’ve been dabbling in Spanish practice with my son for a year now. We watched the Salsa Spanish videos together. I even tried to coordinate a Spanish club so we could practice speaking and listening together. (That was a bit too stressful!)

But he was not interested in ever listening to my Spanish (I am semi-proficient) or speaking to me himself. He’s only 5, so although he is a proficient reader and a child who is normally interested in workbooks, such an approach was not going to work well. What to do?

Enter Visual Link Spanish. This completely computer-based program follows a pattern to teach basic sentences right away. It combines audio with cheesy pictures so you can picture the verbs or the places when you are trying to remember them. It makes learning Spanish almost into a game or solving a code. The bonus for Raisin is that it is computer-based: the computer makes everything fun.

First the student watches and listens, then he or she is asked to repeat after the computer. And then there are review games. This is what my son does over and over again!

Here’s an example, using the first lesson. The first lesson has “I need” and “I want” followed by “to go” and then a list of places. So after one lesson, my son could say and understand “I need to go to the bathroom” or “I want to go to the pool.”

It is fun when I say something and he responds with “sí” or “no.” He’s understanding Spanish! The other day I also said “Usted” (the program teaches Ud. before tu) in my sentence to him and he said, “Mom, you don’t have to say Usted.” He’s understanding basic grammar too! Amazing.

Visual Link Spanish is available in a few different formats. The unfortunate side of the program is the website is a challenge to navigate to what you want! You can try portions of all of level one online for free here to see if it may work for you. You can purchase an ad-free version of level one online for $35 a year. Or you can purchase the digital download of the complete program for $99 (on sale) or the physical disc copy of the program for $119 (again, on sale). So there really is an option for everyone! (And it seems it is frequently on sale….) See their YouTube Channel for some samples from the program.

I am remarkably pleased with my young son’s progress thus far. He has not progressed beyond the first few lessons, but that is okay: he’s playing review games and actually remembering what he is learning. I look forward to seeing what phrases and sentences he’ll be learning next.

Note: I did not receive this curriculum for review and will not receive compensation if you click a link. This is just my opinion of a resource I purchased (I got the digital download of the complete first course) and really like!

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