Resource of the Week: Que Pasa, Calabaza?

I occasionally teach the Spanish class in our co-op. Last week and this week was my turn. I decided to teach about the emotions we have when different things happen. I pondered what I could do. What I really wanted was a list of common emotions and situations so we could act out the situations and find an emotion to match. But that was going to take forever!

Enter Teachers Pay Teachers.

I typed in “emotions” and limited my search to Spanish. And I found this game! It is the best!

Que Pasa, Calabaza? 

Similar to Apples to Apples, this game gives each person a chance to find the vocabulary wordthat matches a category. In this case, each person has a few emotions cards in their hands. The judge for the round selects a situation card (such as, the dog ate my homework, you’re going to a party, etc.). Each person must decide which emotion best fits the situation. The judge decides the winner!

The best thing is that each card is completely in Spanish, so we’re practicing vocabulary as we play!

The game was $5 and it was definitely worth it. My son and I played together in a modified form (and he usually resists learning Spanish!) and then my two classes at co-op enjoyed it last week. We’ll play again tomorrow. I am always a fan of making learning into a game, and this game was a winner.

Buy Que pasa, Calabaza? from La Maestra Mariposa on TeachersPayTeachers.

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