izzit free videosI discovered izzit.org when I read about it on another teacher blog. If I remembered whose, I’d let you know, but I don’t remember!

Izzit.org provides free educational videos for teachers. Each teacher can get one free video a year, or pay about $10 to get unlimited free videos (if you review them on the site). 

The first video I requested was The Foundations of Wealth, an introduction to Economics. I fully realized that this video was geared towards upper elementary or middle school when I ordered it, so I knew my son and I would not get through the entire thing at this time. That said, I’ve watched bits and pieces of it with my first grader, and even though the entire thing is too much for him now, it is a wonderful introduction to economics.

Using a cartoon family living 10,000 years ago, the video introduces the concept of subsistence living, and then discusses how that family moved beyond subsistence living by focusing on concepts like division of labor, mechanization, and markets. My son kept asking, “Are they rich yet?” and we’d talk about how they weren’t quite there yet, were they. If I have one complaint it is that the video is not high definition, so watching it on our movie wall (we use a projector onto a wall) was a bit grainy and unfocused. That is a little complaint, though, for the movie itself is well developed as it introduces complex subjects.

As I mentioned, we haven’t watch the entire movie, but I look forward to revisiting it as Raisin gets older. Since I left feedback on the website about this movie, I was able to request another for the next school year: that one is called The Pups of Liberty. I look forward to seeing how izzit.org has reinvented the Boston Tea Party in that one!

If you are a teacher in a public school, private school, or homeschool setting, you should register for izzit.org and get a free video to supplement your teaching!

If you register, I’d be interested to learn which video you select first!

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