Resource of the Week: Grip-a-Strip

In my early days as a parent, I bought sticky tack at a dollar store and used it to attach a painted alphabet on our basement play room wall. Those who have experience with dollar store sticky tack probably groaned because you know the outcome: now there are dots of sticky tack on our basement wall. They will not come off; the generic sticky tack has sunk into the paint and the wall is ruined.

Fast forward to our school room today. I really wanted an easy way to display our work, with the ability to switch it out frequently if desired. The catch: I did not want anything small like magnets or pushpins because my baby girl toddles around in the school room.

Enter: Grip-a-strip!grip-a-strip

 These take a few nails (included) to attach the anchors to the wall. Once the anchors are attached to the wall, simply snap the strip into the anchors. Then, papers slide in and out of the rollers that are in the strip. It is so easy to put up and so easy to put papers in and switch them out!

The item pictured is the 96-inch long Grip-a-Strip. The 96-inch long strip is about $40 at Amazon, and if you have a large wall, it is worth it! I have also bought a 48-inch strip (about $20) for my son’s room, and I may invest in more of these of various sizes. I love how the strip itself is a silvery color — it just blends in to the wall, even as it provides ample display space for us in our school room.

For us, the Grip-a-Strip has proven well worth the investment. I love how there is space to display on our homeschool walls now, without destroying the paint!

How do you display things on the walls of your homeschool or home?

Note: I am an Amazon affiliate, and links have been provided above for your convenience. I did not receive these for review: I simply found them, loved them, and want to share! If you like this post, please leave a comment and let me know!

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