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Yes, You CAN Homeschool: De-Bunking the Nay-Sayers eCourse


Yes, you CAN Homeschool! See why the common homeschooling myths are just myths.

Have you heard the phrase “I could never homeschool!”? Maybe you have said it yourself. What reasons have you heard? Here is the rebuttal!

The truth is that Yes, you CAN Homeschool! This video course comes with a fillable workbook, nearly an hour of video in ten myth-busting lessons, and dozens of more links to resources that will help you build your confidence in your abilities. Visit the Yes, I CAN homeschool page for more information.

Upon purchase, you will be able to download the fillable digital workbook. Then, revisit the courses page to complete the course. Make sure you are logged in to your account when you purchase this course.


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