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STEM Storytime (& More) Membership

$6.00 / month

Take your homeschool STEM class to the next level with storytime-based STEM lessons. Get a new lesson every month!

This STEM-based membership will help you up your science, tech, engineering, and math lessons.

Every month, you’ll get exclusive access to either a Science unit OR a STEM Challenge + additional resources (the type of activity will alternate each month)

Here’s what that would include

Themed Science Unit

  • Exclusive early access to a story-themed science unit
  • Done-for-you library book lists, and a more detailed annotated list
  • 3-5 fully explained activities for a group
  • 2-3 printable activities, games, or challenges

Story-inspired STEM Challenge

  • Exclusive early access to a STEM challenge
  • A suggested books list for student inspiration
  • Challenge instructions and tips
  • A mini-lesson
  • Any associated printables for brainstorming
  • PLUSĀ  during STEM challenge months, I’ll provide an additional storytime or science resource

What types of activities might be included each month?

I’ve been selling hands-on activities on TeachersPayTeachers and my site shop for 9 years. Here are some of the types of activities I’ve created in the past.

  • file folder activities
  • board games
  • clip cards and puzzles
  • spinners
  • cut-and-paste and matching
  • reader’s theater
  • mazes
  • task cards
  • around-the-room or “read the room”
  • activity centers using manipulatives, pattern blocks, or other items
  • jump out of your seat game
  • imagination play
  • play-doh activities
  • opened ended STEM challenges with recyclables

Have more questions? Check out the FAQ to see if it’s been answered!

Here’s what is included so far:

  • 5 Kingdoms of Life Science Storytime
  • Earth’s Crust Science Storytime
  • Coral Reef Science Storytime
  • Clouds & the Water Cycle Science Storytime
  • STEM Challenge Supplies Box (Exclusive!)
  • Mini-Golf STEM Challenge
  • Birds’ Nests STEM Challenge
  • Light It Up! Circuits STEM Challenge
  • Build a Bridge STEM Challenge
  • 6 Christmas STEM Challenges

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