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Kindergarten Math Chocolate Chip Cookie BUNDLE


Practice early math skills with kindergartners with a chocolate chip cookie-themed bundle of centers and a game.

Add and Subtract Ten Frame Game COOKIES

Add and Subtract Ten Frame Game is a great game to practice adding and subtracting within 10, it is a helpful practice in using a ten frame to add and subtract within ten, and it is fun to think about receiving, swapping, and eating chocolate chip cookies!

Kindergarten Math Centers and Worksheets to 20 COOKIES

Practice a number of hands-on Kindergarten math activities including counting, finishing a pattern, and comparing with numbers from 1 to 20. All pages are themed around chocolate chip cookies!

In the cookie-themed game, kids add and subtract within ten using a ten frame to see who can get to a full ten frame first. Colorful centers provide practice with 1-on-1 correspondence using clip cards and puzzle cards. Other centers encourage completing patterns and determining which number is greater than or less than. Some centers come in color or b/w so you can also use them as a worksheet if preferred.

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