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Action Cards (Photos of Children)


Use these 28 brain break action cards to get kids moving during learning time.

These 28 quarter-page sized action cards with photos provide directions for kids to perform multiple different actions, including the following easy-to-read words:

  • spin, jump, hop, skip,
  • clap, snap, run, hug
  • stretch, balance, bend, sit in a V
  • do a somersault, relax, kneel, crawl
  • do push-ups, touch your toes, butterfly sit, stretch your arms
  • show your muscles, dance, stretch backwards, be airplanes
  • march, walk on tip toes, hands to floor, sleep

Use them to add actions and motions to learning and review for the young kids who need gross motor and kinetic learning. These action cards are also great for frequent brain breaks during regular instruction time!

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