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Greater Than & Less Than (Up to 10)


Practice counting alligator treats and help compare which side has more and less in this greater than less than cut-and-paste activity. Which alligator gets to eat, Guy Greater Than or Lady Less Than?

Compare the amount of treats and numerals up to 10 to help feed the hungry alligators in this cut-and-paste and “Draw an amount of treats greater than …” printables. Perfect for kindergartners just getting started in comparing low numbers!

Use the colorful alligator faces (pages 4-5) to introduce and demonstrate the concept of comparing items in two groups.(Ideas included.)

The worksheets are differentiated, giving different options for comparing amounts less than 10.
*On pages 6-9, students must cut and paste the hungry alligator facing the largest amount of treats. Pages 7 and 8 include an equals sign as well. (Alligator whole bodies are used.)
*On pages 10-13, students must draw a larger amount in the empty box in order to feed each hungry alligator, as well as create their own equality equation. (Just alligator faces are shown.)
*On pages 14-17, students must cut and paste the alligator eyes greater than/less than signs while comparing digits rather than groups of treats.

Answer sheets are included!

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