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Goldilocks Language Arts Lesson Plan


Compare a few re-tellings of the Goldilocks story and get an understanding of characterization with these lesson plans and language arts activities.

This picture book literature lesson plan provides ideas for using some of the many re-tellings of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in a classroom to help children understand setting, context, story, possible outcomes, and so forth, as well as providing language arts worksheets for extension.

I include an annotated book list with numerous picture books to use with a class or homeschool setting, along with possible extension activities for each book. I also have created worksheets to correlate to kindergarten or first grade language arts as children practice opposites and synonyms, critical thinking about literature, and much more. This is so much fun!


  • Annotated book list and lesson plan ideas (7 pages)
  • Teacher-directed discussion questions for three key books: Jan Brett’s, Byron Barton’s, and James Marshall’s versions (3 pages)
  • ELA worksheets and charts (8, each in color and black line)
  • A rhyming practice self-correcting puzzle game (color only)

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