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From Earth to Space: About Our Atmosphere ebook


A 12-page ebook provided in both full color (photographs) and black and white (simplified clip art) to answer the question: What is between earth and space?

Learn about the layers of the atmosphere with this attractive, full-color 12-page ebook.

Each of the five atmosphere layers of the earth are discussed in detail, with gorgeous images (both photographs and digital renderings) of earth and the atmosphere to grace each description.

Students learn about earth and space science by reading the ebook, recognizing both the purpose of the layers of the atmosphere as well as the need to take care of our earth.

Pages are the size of half of an 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper. It would be perfect for reading on an e-reading device. If desired, it could also be printed into a foldable booklet using three sheets of paper.

Product has been included four times: Formatted as an ebook (pages in order), formatted as a booklet (set to print front and back) and repeated with both options with simplified black and white clip art.

Note: Due to the full-color and full-page nature of the color version of the atmosphere ebook, printing is not recommended. If you do decide to print, you may wish to visit a professional printer in order to save wear and ink on your personal printer.

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