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Compound Words BINGO


Play BINGO to let students practice reading compound words.

Play BINGO to let students practice reading compound words.  The first in the group to get four words in a row, in any direction, wins the game.

Play in small groups or as a whole class!

Each card has sixteen words, from the following list of 22 words: rainbow, raincoat, snowman, snowball, toothbrush, toothpaste, fireman, cupcake, keyboard, clipboard, sunflower, sunglasses, flowerpot, pancake, notebook, paintbrush, swimsuit, butterfly, football, horseshoe, eggplant, bookbag.


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  1. Blank BINGO board and b/w compound words/images. These allow students to cut-and-paste to create their own BINGO boards.
  2. BINGO calling cards. Includes pages with two colorful images, as well as in two-word format. Randomly call out clues, by showing or calling out the two separate words. Students should find the compound word on their own BINGO card.
  3. 30 BINGO cards. These are provided twice as follows:
    • Only the compound words (pages 11-38)
    • With compound word and a b/w picture (pages 41 to end).


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