beginning blends s blends turkey COVERbeginning blends s blends turkey COVER

Beginning Blends S Blends Turkey Sort


Practice recognizing beginning blends (s blends) by attaching feathers to the correct turkey’s back.


Practice recognizing beginning blends by attaching feathers to the correct turkey’s back.

Students view pictures on each freakyfridaydollardeals feather and say the name of the item or action pictured. Then, they can attach the feather to the turkey with the correct beginning blend listed on it.

The following s blends and images are included on the turkey feathers.

  • sc/sk: skate, skin, skipping rope, skull, skunk, sky, scab, skillet
  • sl: slam, sled, sleet, sleeve, slot, slide, slime, slippers, slid, slug
  • sm: smash, smelly, smile, smock, smog, smear, small
  • sn: snorkel, sniff, snap, sneaker, sneeze, snake, snail, snow
  • sp: spaghetti, spell, spider, spill, space, sponge, spoon, spots, spin
  • st: star, steak, stem, step, stick, sting, stop, stove, stump, staple
  • sw: swan, swamp, sweater, sweep, sweets, swing, swim, switch, sweat

Included are turkey bodies in both color and black and white. Also included are the feathers three times: in full color (brown-toned feathers with colorful images), in less color (b/w feather and color images); and in all b/w.

The bodies are also included twice each time they appear, once with feet, and another time with holes to cut out so students can put their own fingers in the holes to make puppets.

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